Claude Speed is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 2.

There is an especulation that he is the same Claude as in GTA3, but there are many criterias to separate both. There is also an especulation that Claude can't speak, but in the introduction, you can see him screaming for someone, even though you cant listen to him screaming.

At the end of the introduction, Claude is shot dead by a Zaibatsu assassin for stealing Zaibatsu merchandise.


Not much is known about Claude Speed as GTA2 doesn't have a storyline. Claude Speed is new in town and tries to make money by taking jobs from the various gangs in Anywhere, USA. His real name is not mentioned in-game and each gang boss refer to him with another nickname:

In the original game scripts, the player ped (controllable character) is called "Shaft". Note that the player can also give him his own name to the character when starting the game.

GTA2: The MovieEdit

Claude Speed has a bigger role in GTA2: The Movie. This short live-action movie was made to promote GTA2 and was used to compile the intro of the game. Claude was played by Scott Maslen in the movie.

The movie shows how Claude Speed fulfils several jobs for the gangs. Claude is portrayed as a very agitated person who does not fear to use violence. Although voices cannot be heard, Claude does talk with others in contrast to his namesake Claude.

Claude Speed is shot three times in his back by a Zaibatsu assassin while he is trying to enter a sports car. It is unknown whether he survives and whether this should be considered canon. It is plausible the movie does not depict actual events of the story of GTA2, but merely shows the theme of the game. Note that the live action and in-game top down rendition of Claude Speed do not resemble each other.